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Open Burning

Burning of any of following is prohibited:

Any garbage from the processing, storage, service, or consumption of food, household waste, chemically treated wood, lead painted wood, linoleum flooring, composite countertops, tires, explosives, ammunition, oleanders, asphalt shingles, tar paper, plastic and rubber products, household chemical bottles, plastic grocery and retail bags, waste petroleum products (crankcase, transmission, transformer oils and oil filters) asbestos, batteries, antifreeze, aerosol spray cans, electrical wire insulation, hazardous waste products (pesticides, cleaners, solvents, stains, varnishes and other flammable liquids) plastic pesticide containers or bags and hazardous material containers that contain lead, cadmium, or arsenic compounds.

When to not build or ignite fire:

  • When an approved permit has not been issued
  • When burning is on "Red Flag" warning days 
  • When winds are greater than 10 MPH​
  • When burning creates a nuisance to surrounding properties or is determined to constitute a hazardous condition


I.F.C. Section 105.6.32
"An operational permit is required for the kindling or maintaining of an open fire or a fire on any public street, alley, road, or public or private ground. Instructions and stipulations of the permit shall be adhered to."
In The Corona De Tucson Fire District, propane torches are prohibited for weed and vegetation abatement in conjunction with residential open burn permits within Corona de Tucson Fire District per I.F.C. section 308.1.6


The Corona De Tucson Fire District has the authority to suspend burning operations and/or revoke burn permit.

How to obtain a burn permit:

The Corona De Tucson Fire District does not issue burn permits for the area. In order to apply for a burn permit click here for the Pima County DEQ website.

Pima County open:

Open Burning Permit Requirements

 Pima County DEQ Article IV:

Open Burning Rules